#becc2018 on Andros/Greece. Topic – digital shift. 12 participant and 3 trainers: Katrin Reiter, Andrea Folie, Dagna Gmitrowicz

Cultural management & the digital shift –
Using the digital process to reach out and increase participation.



Digitalization has profoundly transformed culture and arts in terms of production, creation and cultural participation. Contemporary cultural workers need to manage and develop their digital skills and competencies in order to be part of the knowledge society, and to work towards the modernisation of cultural centres and the empowerment of their communities.

This theme will intersect with cultural management, a very popular topic among BECC participants, embracing the personal predispositions and interests in the fields of professional development and culture. This part of the training will be enriched with elements of coaching.

The ENCC prepared the programme in collaboration with trainers Dagna Gmitrowicz (PL/DE, Erasmus+ Agency trainer, Facilitator and certified Art-Therapist), Katrin Reiter (AT, Strategic developer and planner for IKULT and Coordinator and public relations planner of the Guidance Network Salzburg) and Andrea Folie (AT, Founder/Owner IKULT, Intercultural projects and concepts, project manager “Arrivingtour QUERBEET” Gemeindeentwicklung at Salzburger Bildungswerk. Management assistant of the umbrella association for Salzburgs cultural sites, board member of the cultural advisory board of the province of Salzburg).

We invite some partners from Salzburg:
A webinar with David Röthler, werdedigital.at
An interview with the art collective goldextra
A live diskussion with the musician Gudrun Raber-Plaichinger from deneb
Karim-Patrick Bannour from viermalvier

Our working padlet on Andros

Made with Padlet

Impression: Digital and analog


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